Passion And Goal Setting For Entrepreneurial Success

Perhaps you want to start a new business because the job or business you are coming from has lost its fervor, which in turn means you probably lost your focus and challenge. That, of course, would mean you have little chance — if any — to be passionate about what you do.

So you are thinking about starting a new business, which is OK. Just be sure that the business you choose does not leave you in the same position you were in before — void of passion. No, you must be sure the business you choose will drive you to have a passion for success — a passion to achieve — not only for yourself, but also for the customers you and your business serve.

Know what success means to you. By defining what success means to you, you will discover the foundation of your passion and its meaning.

So, by now, you have defined what success means to you and you have identified your challenge to lead the good life. You have gotten serious, decided to start a business and have committed yourself to being an entrepreneur until you can claim your success. Now you are ready to begin the next part of commitment, setting goals.

What are your specific goals in becoming an entrepreneur? You’ve already started making goals by defining what success means to you, but now you need to get specific. Now, I’m not talking about your day-to-day goals. Before you can set daily goals, you must set your broad business goals. Each goal you set is one step along your Journey of Success.

Break your vision of success into concrete steps. If you are that single mother who wants to finish her degree and establish a business that allows her to spend time with her daughter, you have three goals right there: the degree, the business and your daughter.

Break each one into smaller goals that lead up to accomplishing the larger goal. For example, what will it take to finish the degree? Twelve more credit hours, a thesis, a portfolio? Whatever the requirements are set each one down as a goal.

What will it take to set up your business? Learn all you can, set up an office create a business plan and start making contacts — each one should become a goal. And, most importantly, what will it take to spend more time with your daughter? It is not necessary to achieve the first two goals to work toward the third. Do not wait to spend time with your family. This can, and should, be a part of everyone’s goal planning.

Perhaps your challenge is to become your own boss. Essentially, you want to become an entrepreneur and quit your present job. When you break it down, it becomes two goals. What will it take for you to accomplish these two goals?

To start your own business, you must learn all you can about that business, set up an office and so forth. To quit your present job, you must save enough money to be able to support yourself and your family from the income from your business.

As you can see, each goal you set can be broken down into smaller goals or steps. By breaking down your steps, you give yourself direction or a plan, so to speak, for working toward your larger goals.

For now, this process of setting your goals only involves identifying them, writing them down and breaking them into smaller goals. So, if you have suddenly realized that you have your work cut out for you, don’t get too overwhelmed. As you build your character, you will become more secure in your ability to accomplish all the goals you set for yourself.

Also, as you write down your immediate goals, don’t worry too much about missing a goal or two. If you think of other goals later, you can always add to and revise your list. The purpose of setting and writing down your goals is simply to get you started as an entrepreneur.

So many people never accomplish things they desire, because they simply never get started. For some, they simply don’t know where to start. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, you can always find a starting place by setting goals and breaking those goals down into smaller goals.

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